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Nobody understands the science of log building better than . If you want to create a thermally efficient and air tight space, it's not enough just to seal. You must choose the right chinking and caulking for the application, and be sure it's properly applied.
  •    Constant Owner interaction means no project manager or multiple people trying to make decisions.
  •    The highest quality products and with many small details that often go unnoticed by other contractors, let's take your log home project to the next level.
  •    Quality Control. The owner is hands on throughout the project, if any problems or issues arise they can be dealt with immediately.
  •    Nonstop communication - The key to the success of your project is good communication. And, a big part of communication is listening. From the beginning of a project to its end, our company places a high priority on listening - to you, your needs and wishes.
  •    Solid Science - Our Building Science experts understand the principles of heat, air and moisture flow, and how the building envelope interacts with a building's mechanical systems as well as its occupants.
Log Home Chinking in Teton County

Log Home Chinking & Caulking (Acrylic)(tap photo to LEARN MORE)

High-Quality Chinking installed by our experts enhances your log home building envelope performance in three ways:

  •   First, proper chinking creates a tight seal, keeping water and insects from seeping into your home.
  •   Second, chinking is the best solution to prevent log rot by permanently sealing out the elements.
  •   Third, when installed properly, chinking can pay off many times over in comfort, preservation, and overall appearance of your log home.
Custom Wood Chinking in Teton County

Custom Wood Chinking(tap photo to LEARN MORE)

  •    Custom Wood Chinking is a lost art form where our highly-skilled craftsmen hand cut and hand shape strips of log to perfectly fit into the space between the main logs.
  •    Gorgeous and Practical: This gorgeous finish is also airtight as we first install our high-quality acrylic chinking underneath the custom wood chinking as to create a sound weather and insect barrier.
  •    Handcrafted Luxury: Custom Wood Chinking is very labor intensive and well worth the additional cost for those wanting that perfect log home look.
Log Rot Repair / Replacement in Teton County

Log Rot Repair / Replacement(tap photo to LEARN MORE)

When Moisture or Pests have infiltrated the logs and repairs are needed, you have a few options to restore them to their opriginal beauty.

  •   Log Repair (minor): If the damage to the logs is minor, we can "check fill" those areas with caulking or chinking and stop more damage from occuring from pests or moisture.
  •   Log Repair (major): When the damage to the log is more severe, we can remove the rotten areas of the logs and use a synthetic material to fill and reinforce them. This proceedure will retore the strength of the log. We then stain and finish the repaired area to match the surrounding logs.
  •   Log Replacement: When the damage is too extensive for a repair or fill, we can remove partial or complete logs and replace them with new timbers that will restore the structural stability of the building. We then finish the new logs to match the surrounding logs.
Log Staining & Sealing in Teton County

Log Staining & Sealing(tap photo to LEARN MORE)

Choosing the right stain for your home is critical. Matching stain performance with your maintenance goals is our specialty.

  •    Staining Preparation is the most important of the process. This can be a simple wash or a much more detailed process including Media Blasting and sanding.
  •    Choosing the Stain: There are numerous options including water based and oil based stains. Each has it pros and cons depending on the wood and climate and maintenance goals.
  •    Additives and Clear Coats: These wood stain additives provide extra protection from mold and wood destroying organisms.

    If you know you will need extra protection from mold, mildew, and bugs, then add one of these products to your log home stain to withstand the harsher conditions.
Media Blasting / Pressure Washing in Teton County

Media Blasting / Pressure Washing(tap photo to LEARN MORE)

Pressure washing is a system that uses water applied at high pressure to clean your home. Pressure Washing is often the quickest method of removing mildew, dirt, dust, pollen and other substances from your home before staining. With a good exterior cleaning, old buildup is removed and the wood can return to like new condition. Depending on how weathered the surface is, more extensive cleaning may be needed.

  •   Media Blasting: makes removing stain from log and wood structures easier and faster than ever. Because it uses only dry media, no water is forced into the wood. Dry time is eliminated and stains, chinking and caulking can be applied immediately afterwards.
  •   Corn (really!): This procedure uses tiny grains of corn cob to gently strip away the outermost layer of the logs to give it a clean, fresh, slightly textured surface. The newly cleaned logs will then be ready for the application of stain.
  •   Environmentally Safe: Media Blasting is the most environmentally safe way to strip a home.


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